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Kids Closets that Teach Organizing Skills

Children: They bring joy, laughter and love into a home. As any parent knows, children often bring clutter! When they’re babies, it’s the tiny onesies, burp cloths, diapers, pacifiers and other paraphernalia. A toddlers, it’s an accumulation of battery-operated toys that takes over their bedrooms. School-aged kids need a plethora of supplies, playthings, games and clothing.

At Ambry Design, we can create custom kids’ closets for any child in your house. Whether you have an infant, a six-year-old or a freshman in high school, we can design, create, build and install closets that grow right along with your children. The interchangeable designs can be customized as often as necessary to make sure that the closet we build for your tiny tot will see your child through his or her teenage years, too.

Ambry Design: We Take Tampa Kids Closets to a New Level

In addition to the beautiful finishes and accessories that we offer all of our clients, children get some special treatment at Ambry Design! We offer kids’ themed closets for the little princesses and baseball players in your life. Our designs are child-friendly and made to withstand the test of time. We know that kids can be tough on their stuff, and that their closets are no exception! You don’t have to worry about durability when you depend on us.

From clothing racks set at your child’s level to hooks on the walls to help him or her hang sweatshirts and bags with ease, we know what it takes to appeal to children of any age. We can arrange space for your budding superstar to display trophies, or for your snuggly little one to store stuffed animals. Best of all, it can be reconfigured as your child grows!

At Ambry, we offer a free consultation to homeowners in the Tampa Bay area. During this appointment, we can talk about what your child needs in a closet, and can even show you a custom-made design that will match your desires, style and budget. Give us a call today to schedule your risk-free consultation!