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Custom Built Walk In Closets

Your master bedroom closet is likely packed to the gills with clothing, shoes, accessories, and a host of items that have no other home in your house. If you are literally tripping over shoes and not able to find anything to wear, a custom walk-in closet by Ambry Design should be on your priority list.

Get the Master Bedroom Closet of Your Dreams With Ambry

For beautiful, high-quality Tampa walk-in closets, Ambry is your #1 source. Your walk-in closet design will be created just for you. There’s no reason to expect that your storage space should be the same as anyone else’s; after all, you’re an individual, and you need a custom closet to be built to your specifications.

We use real wood, stain- and fade-resistant melamine coatings, and other high-end materials in building your closet. Each walk-in closet organizer, from the ceiling to the floor, is crafted and installed with precision and excellence.

Some of the features that you may have in your custom walk-in closet include:

  • Closet Shelves: To store hats, purses, boxes of seasonal clothing, and more.
  • Clothing Racks: We install racks at varying heights depending on whether you’re storing shirts, pants, dresses, or all of these. No more wasted space!
  • Closet Drawers: Smooth-rolling and beautiful, drawers in the closet can hold undergarments, hosiery, sweaters, jeans and more.
  • Shoe Rack: We’ll make sure you have plenty of room for your shoe collection.
  • Tie and Belt Racks: Forget about hanging ties and belts on regular hangers; the results of this are creases and wrinkles.
  • Jewelry Trays: Keep your heirlooms and your costume jewelry safe and untangled with a lined jewelry tray.
  • ...And More! Your walk-in closet will be outfitted with the racks, hooks and accessories that you need, based on how you use the space!

Call us today to schedule your free consultation appointment for custom walk-in closets in Tampa Bay. This in-home appointment comes with no obligation, so call now!